Polarity, Meridians, and Alphabiotics
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It is life force that distinguishes animate objects from inanimate objects, the living from the dead and health from disease. This life force did not "evolve"; it was created by God. According to the book of Genesis, He spoke and life was formed. But the life force He gave to man is different; it is His very breath. Much research has been given to the composition and preservation of life.

Life force is basically excited molecules or vibration. It is not a thing it is an action. We know it as electricity. These vibrations are composed of ions (electrolytes) that carry a positive or negative charge. This is known as magnetism or energy and is found in all living things. It is a natural force that pushes and pulls. Unlike static electricity in which the ions fly in all directions, electricity in living beings has direction and is organized. The earth is full of life and is a huge magnet, its magnetism is known as gravity. Plants have magnetism as well. If you have ever smelled a flower you are experiencing the magnetic field of that flower. As discussed on other pages the body is composed of a certain number of vibrations. According to Dr. Norman Walker, A healthy human body has (roughly) 47,000,000,000 vibrations every second as per the Angstrom Unit.

What is polarity? Isn't it just a term used by electricians or those involved in electrical engineering, what does is have to do with health?

As mentioned above, the electrical field of a living being is organized. We will use the earth as an example. It has magnetic poles (the North and South poles). Scientists have stated that the majority of the earth's core is made up of magnetic materials creating a magnetic pull. The pull is more powerful at the poles than along the center. This magnetism is what enables us to use a compass. Poles contain opposite electrical qualities (one is positive and one is negative). According to the dictionary, Polarity is "the quality or condition inherent in a body that exhibits opposite properties or powers in opposite parts or directions…the state or quality of having poles or regions of intensity with mutually opposite qualities." In other words, polarity is the possession of poles and positive and negative electricity. Every living thing possesses polarity. As with all processes in the body, polarity must have balance. There must be the proper amount of negatively and positively charged ions present and active in the body. If you have any exposure to kinesiology, you know that the body's electrical flow starts at the umbilical (naval), flows upward across the top of the head, down the back, under the feet and back to the umbilical. The top of the head is positive and the bottom of the feet is negative. The front of the body carries the positively charged ions and the back of the body carries the negatively charged ions. We are positive on the front and negative on the back.

What are meridians and their connection to polarity?

The word meridian means "A great circle surrounding a sphere and intersecting the poles". Simply put, a meridian is a path to all parts of the body used by positive and negative energy in connection to functions of the organs, muscles, tissues, etc. According to Dr. John Thie, there have been 14 major body meridians radioactively, thematically, and electronically mapped. Kinesiologists call them acupressure vessels. Dr. Thie says that energy actually flows through the meridian unbroken in one direction and from one meridian to another in an infinite manner (no beginning or end). Therefore, he has presented the sequence of meridians as a wheel, which flows from the surface of the body to deep within. (This information is in his book, Touch for Health. See Evaluation Tools page for more info.) Of course we can only work with the external passages, which effects the internal portions. All along the meridian there are acupuncture (electro-magnetic) points. (Have you ever stepped on a rock and felt it in your hip as well as on the bottom of your foot? That sensation traveled along a meridian.) The malfunction of these points can be detected by voltage meters and muscle testing. Personally, I have seen many meridians swell or become engorged when an imbalance is present. One very dramatic example came by way of a 19-year-old girl. She had a small swelling on her forehead, which had persisted for 2 years. Not one health care provider yielded relief and her concern was mounting. I discovered that a meridian was blocked and with a simple manipulation released the energy flow. By the time her appointment was over (1/2 hour) the swelling was almost flat. This reminded me of a garden hose. If you turn on the water and pinch the hose, water cannot travel beyond that point and it will enlarge or rupture the hose.
Unrestricted energy flow within the meridian promotes homeostasis and optimal body function.

How does a meridian become blocked?

Meridians are likened to circuits. Polarity is dependent upon these circuits. The electrons travel through these circuit paths and create electricity. Many things can overload the circuit and it cannot function without being reset. This works identically to the circuit breakers and electrical equipment in the home. When a storm sends an electrical surge through the house an overload is created and the circuit may pop a breaker. In a human body a "surge" can be stress, sickness, an injury or a fall, emotional shock, exposure to chemicals, or something as simple as poor diet or dehydration. Many times the result of a "popped breaker" is a subluxated vertebra or a bone out of place in the back. This can lead to problems throughout the nervous and muscular system. As a matter of fact I have never seen a person diagnosed with neurological problems such as M.S., Parkinson's, or M.D. who did not have blocked meridians and polarity problems. I am not saying that if you have a blocked meridian that you will be diagnosed with one of these diseases. I am saying that polarity and meridian problems always accompany neurological diseases like these. It is my opinion that one of the first steps taken for a person with neurological conditions should be electrical balance.

How can polarity and meridian health be maintained?

Of course it makes sense to get rest, slow down, recreate, eat right and exercise. Beyond that, I have discovered that raw food juicing (see Diet and Juicing page for more info) and consuming enzymes and minerals are a great boost to electrical balance. Keeping proper pH balance is a must as well (see pH Balance page).

These supplements are listed for polarity maintenance:
Good Herbs (specifically mentioned but not limited to):
BN (Brain & Nerve) NRV (Nerve)
Polarity ADD-MH (Attention Deficit Disorder)
ALZ-J (Alzheimers) BF-M (Brain Formula)
Cell Salts (tissue nutrition) MIN (Minerals)
Cela-M (celation) NT 1 & 2 (nerve tonic)

New Sun (specifically mentioned but not limited to):
Polarity Balance (100 and 360 caps)

These supplements have also been utilized in electrical balance and are carried by most herb companies mentioned on this site: Spirulina, Chlorophyll, Alfalfa, Parsley, (almost anything green), Gotu Kola, Skullcap, Valerian Root, Ginkgo Biloba, Blessed Thistle, Lady's Slipper, Sage, Bee Pollen, B Complex, essential fatty acids like Flax seed oils, fish oils, lecithin etc., and essential oils. (See Educational Resources - Products Guide page for info on these supplements.) I also believe that massage, Touch for Health technique, chiropractic therapy, and cranio-sacral therapy goes a long way to restore correct polarity. My favorite is Alphabiotic Alignment.

What is Alphabiotic Alignment?

Alphabiotics is healing from within. Dr. James Andry, an Alphabioticist in my area, authored the following information (I am using it with permission):

An Introduction to Alphabiotics
The goal of this article is to give the reader a basic understanding of the basic concepts and practice of Alphabiotics. There are many aspects, theories, and effects of the Alphabiotic alignment, but the physical nature will be the focus here.
We know that man is a spiritual being, he has a soul and lives in a body. Alphabiotics deals principally with mind-body relationship. Much research has dealt with the effects of thought on the physical body, confirming the scripture, "As a man thinketh in his heart, so is he." Along with thought and attitude, the physical brain and its chemistry, electricity, and mechanics determines the health a person possesses. According to Albert Einstein and new studies confirm that our bodies are much more energy than material. The electrical properties have a vital effect on health.
The brain processes 100 million bits of information every second. It organizes, orchestrates, and coordinates all the body's functions. Through the nervous system, the brain electrically sends messages to all systems, organs, and cells to keep the body functioning properly.
The brain partially shuts down nonessential-for-survival functions when it receives sensory input that the body is in danger. This life-saving feature was designed to be used in times of temporary situations such as an attack by an enemy or a dangerous animal. The person would need all available energy to either run from the danger or fight. Digestion, metabolic function and high level thinking for example are not needed. When the dangerous situation is resolved the brain would return to its normal function including thinking, metabolism, healing and repair.
Low level, insidious, constant stress keeps one in this "fight or flight" state for lengthy periods of time. The brain then becomes locked into this inappropriate stress state that robs the body of the natural healing ability we were born with. As the brain redirects energy to the fight/flight areas of need, many systems, organs, and cells are left without the electrical signals they need to do their jobs.
The brain is divided into two hemispheres. The right hemisphere controls the left side of the body and the left hemisphere controls the right side. When in balance, the brain efficiently sends and receives messages using its available electrical energy. When locked into an inappropriate stress state, the dominant hemisphere sends too much electricity down the side it controls and the passive hemisphere has less than needed to send down the side it controls. The dominant side becomes contracted and overworked causing a measurable leg length difference. The passive side becomes weak. Both sides are made susceptible to injury and energy is robbed from systems, organs, and cells. They are then not able to function properly.
The prolonged structural imbalance will create a ten-pound weight-bearing difference for each one-half inch of leg length difference. Assuming the average of forty-four steps per minute, four hundred forty more pounds are lifted on the short leg side. If this person walks ten hours a day they will have lifted 264,000 pounds more on that short leg side. Having a short leg causes a tremendous drain of limited energy, strain and degeneration.
Our society is one of the most stressful in the world. Job demands, time demands, interpersonal conflicts, finances, regrets, guilt, fear all combine to create this health destroying stress state. We are constantly on guard as if we were in immediate danger. The defense system is necessary for survival, but we were never intended to live hour after hour, day after day, week after week, year after year prepared for danger that does not even exist. We need to be taken out of this stress state and brought into a state of calm, normal brain function.
The alphabiotic alignment sends a sensory impulse to the brain that has five immediate results. The alignment slows the brain down into alpha wave speed where healing best occurs. It causes spinal fluid to be pumped into the brain stem, which allows better electrical transfer. The brain is unlocked from the limbic override system, (fight or flight), designed for survival. There is a better flow of information between the hemispheres of the brain and the spine is slightly decompressed.
The result of these five effects is a better state for healing to occur than that person has had since he first became locked into this inappropriate stress state. A person then enters that state most favorable to become well. Healing can freely flow from the brain to all parts of the person.
The Alphabiotic alignment is quick, safe, firm, but gentle. A person has no idea how well they can be until they possess the ability to be well. The alignment gives the potential to be well. Balance is restored first to the brain then realized in the rest of the body. Health comes from within. Within a balanced brain.

(This article was written for educational purposes and to inform the public of the benefits of Alphabiotic Alignment. It is not written for the purpose of diagnosis, treatment of disease, or to make medical claims.)

Everyone is born with a certain amount of healing capability. Stress on the electrical system reduces the healing ability; therefore, anything used for healing will not benefit beyond the body's ability to respond to it. Alphabiotic alignment allows the brain to have access to 100% of it inherent healing capability. Herbs, food, supplements, water and even the air you breathe will be used on a more efficient level in balance than out of balance. I believe this discipline is one of the most far-reaching and thorough implements for meridian and polarity maintenance available today. For more information contact:

Andry Alphabiotic Center (Jim, Cathy and Michael Andry)
3417 S. Sherman Dr.
Beech Grove, IN 46107
(317) 781-8030

See the page titles Flower Essences, Aromatherapy, and pH balance on this site for more information on electrical processes.

This information if for educational purposes only. Our intent is to impart knowledge for nutritional enhancement and lifestyle changes. If you have a serious medical problem, we recommend that you seek a licensed health care provider.